Established in Bath for over 30 years, Print Room is a leading conservation framer and an excellent port-of-call for anyone in the Fine Art business. Print Room has undertaken many major projects over the years and handled all kinds of framing challenges, from mounting entire exhibitions to presenting private memorabilia, coins and medals, as well as football and rugby shirts.


Works of art on paper are particularly vulnerable to fading and discolouration. We can re-present your pictures and safeguard them from further deterioration by using the finest acid-free materials and re-glazing with conservation or museum quality glass to cut out the effects of ultra-violet light.


Watercolours and drawings can become foxed by the use of unsuitable acidic materials when they were first framed and they may have been assembled touching the glass which often subjects them to further damage. Removing the foxing and remounting with acid-free materials can often dramatically improve their appearance. These tasks should be entrusted to professional restorers. Oil paintings on board or canvas are often easier to deal with and a good restorer can clean and repair oils and return paintings to near pristine condition.

Print Room offers a full cleaning and restoration service for both pictures and frames.

Fine Art Prints and Pictures

We can supply vintage prints, including illustrations from the French erotic magazine 'La Vie Parisienne' 1919-22 and rare engravings by Edward William Cooke R.A., a leading marine artist of the 19th century. We also showcase watercolours by emerging local artists and original etchings and lithographs by contemporary European artists and we are happy to work with interior designers to create desirable living spaces.